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Hubspot VS Pardot. Marketing Automation Comparison Chart

Posted by Adriane Simon on Oct 29, 2015 10:54:00 AM

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Hubspot VS Pardot


Deciding on the right Marketing Automation Software is crucial for your business’ success. To make your decision easier, we've decided to create a Hubspot VS. Pardot Comparison Chart.

To us, there is no debate; Hubspot clearly wins. Historically, Red Wheel has worked with both Pardot and Hubspot. Moving forward, we've decided to stop offering our services via Pardot. Simply put: We find Pardot to be less organized and less user-friendly with less segmentation options.  At Red Wheel, we personally strive to offer the most effective and efficient inbound marketing services possible, and we sincerely find that Hubspot helps us achieve those goals for our clients.

Download The Hubspot VS. Pardot Comparsion Chart >>

Customer Support

One of the most desirable qualities of Hubspot is their fantastic customer support. Each and every customer service employee goes above and beyond. They listen to your concerns in detail, evaluate all options while talking you through their own thought process, and then together you find a solution. You actually learn by calling Hubspot! Hubspot preaches to be all about customer delight and we absolutely agree; they practice what they preach. Alternatively, Pardot actually charges a fee for each customer support call you make. Pardot does offer live chat as a secondary option, but we have found it to hinder the solution process more than help, as it typically takes a lot of time to reach an assistant and more often than not, the system is out of capacity. This usually makes an already frustrating situation that much worse.

Hubspot VS Pardot Comparison Chart Support

Calls-to-Action CTA

Hubspot is unique to offer a fantastic Call To Action (CTA) section. You can seamlessly create your buttons with Hubspot, either coded or an image. Additionally, each button comes with a significant amount of data, such as view-to-lick-rate, and click-to-submission-rate, etc.  Hubspot also makes it effortless to reach your target group, as your personas are build right into the software. Yes, you can also do this in Pardot but you will have to set it all up yourself which is not only time consuming, but it can become quite tedious if you are using this feature consistently.

Hubspot VS Pardot Comparison Chart CTAs

Download the full comparsion chart below and compare the following features:

  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimzation 
  • Call-to-Action CTAs
  • Landing pages
  • Lead Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analytics
  • Extras
  • Support
  • Pricing
  • Additional Information

    Download The FULL Version Of This Chart here »Download The Hubspot VS. Pardot Comparsion Chart >>

Red Wheel encourages you to check out both Hubspot and Pardot for yourself. We would love to hear your opinion on which software you prefer, but it’s safe to say we feel confident that you, too, will be a Hubspot convert!

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PS: Make sure to check out the information at the bottom of the table!

Compare Hubspot VS Marketo here >>


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