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Outbound Marketing is Old-School (and Ineffective)

Posted by Greg Fitzsimmons on Mar 30, 2015 11:33:00 AM

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Let’s start this post the way you’re supposed to begin a spring-cleaning project: “Out with the old.” (We’ll get “in with the new” in due time, hold tight.)

What’s the old that we’re sweeping away, throwing out and moving on from? Outbound marketing!

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By definition, outbound marketing is all of the line items that have cluttered old-school marketing budgets for decades. Think radio commercials and newspaper advertisements or web banners and digital takeovers. The truth is, the marketing departments who used to allocate large amounts of money to these archaic means of marketing are now stagnant.

In fact, they’ve been stagnant for decades, but they were able to buy time and get buy-in from decision makers because stats, data, information, and quantitative analysis were ethereal at best.

Marketers used to be able to hide behind a veil of stock objections, token responses, and dodging answers. Do you want proof that old-school outbound marketing worked? This must sound familiar: “We can’t track if that lead was generated by the radio ad, print ad, billboard or telephone book.” Or, "Just trust us..."

Everything has changed. Old-school outbound marketing methods are ineffective. Nowadays, your target audience is immune to web banners, print advertisements, commercials, and cold calls. But, there’s hope for your business to grow.

Inbound Marketing is the answer.

“Out with the old [read: Outbound Marketing], and in with the new [read: Inbound Marketing].”

Today, successful marketing efforts, campaigns, departments, and agencies (like Red Wheel) do not interrupt large masses of potential clients. Rather, we actively engage and converse with real people. We communicate with these people on an H2H level (Human to Human), and, eventually, convert them into hot leads  by an in-depth series of inbound marketing criteria. These are the people who will become your company's lasting customers. Messaging is personalized. Results are plenty. And, most importantly, the data is transparent, trackable, and deliverable.

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