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Social Media Marketing: Facebook Call-To-Action Feature Added To Pages

Posted by Greg Fitzsimmons on Apr 2, 2015 1:19:00 PM

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Any time Facebook changes things up—new layout, new way of sussing out relevant content, new way of messaging, etc—people freak out. But, Facebook’s recent addition of a CTA (Call to Action) on pages is a marketer’s dream! Don’t sleep on the development. Adding a CTA to your Facebook Page is the first step in being able to tangibly answer the age-old question that "C-suiters" (aka CEO, CFO, CMO, etc) ask when discussing social media in board rooms: “What’s the ROI of social media?”

If the validity of community, the value of conversation and dialogue, and the veracity of customer service weren’t enough to get the suits at your company onboard with social media, now you have another arrow in your social-selling quiver. Now, you have the ability to compel fans to take action!

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In its first iteration, Facebook unfurled seven CTAs for pages. The seven calls-to-action currently available to Facebook business pages are:

  1. Shop Now

  2. Contact Us

  3. Sign Up

  4. Watch Video

  5. Book Now

  6. Use App

  7. Play Game

Fundamental to HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Methodology is the presence of CTAs. For inbound marketers, a strategic CTA is the bridge between website traffic and leads. For social media marketers, Facebook’s new CTA is how we’ll move away from vanity metrics and start focusing on the metrics and goals that really matter. The truth is, engagement statistics (what we call “vanity metrics”) are fluff. That stats that truly matter, when it comes down to brass tax, are things like revenue, downloads, leads, website visits, etc. And, the ability to use CTAs on Facebook means we can utilize social media as a means to actually drive business.

At Red Wheel, we often discuss social media engagement and we are always stressing the importance of reaching and resonating with your audience via their Facebook newsfeed, rather than the business page. The truth is: Your company's personas rarely visit business pages. Rather, they overwhelmingly interact with your content via their personal newsfeed. However, the new CTA feature on Facebook will shed light on how often people are actually visiting your page. We're excited to dive into this data to learn more about the newsfeed versus business page engagement conundrum!

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