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Why Red Wheel?

Posted by Chris Field on Mar 16, 2015 4:30:00 PM

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As of today, we are raising the curtain on a year-long, top-secret project. We are unfurling a new brand with a new logo to the entire world. We are thrilled to introduce you to our new identity. 

Do you remember when Twitter released its painfully affected explanation for its new logo in 2012? We do. And, we promise, we will not follow suit!

However, it is important—in our opinion—to let you in on some exciting changes in our office. 

This introduction is the culmination of a creative and thought-provoking process, and promises to be the beginning of an exciting new step for our company. 

First, the backstory. Our brand began at a kitchen table. In the beginning, Alana Appleby created A Squared Interactive. It was small and powerful and Alana gave it light. She provided passion and answers to digital troubles that Aspen-based small businesses were running into. She gave strategy and structure to email marketing, she brought pizzazz and engagement to Facebook posts, and her energy was contagious.

The results put dollars in local cash registers and the success stories were told throughout Aspen. As clients profited, A Squared Interactive grew. The business evolved from brainstorm sessions circled around a kitchen table to business meetings in a new office space. Employees were hired, the client base expanded, and the brand morphed into something new.

ASquared Search & Social, the teenage version of the prodigal business, was launched in the fall of 2011. Founded upon the same tenets as the business that preceded it, ASquared Search & Social stretched and grew. ASquared matured from seedling to sapling, and now to conifer…   

Without further adieu, meet Red Wheel! The square shapes of ASquared have evolved into one circular object in Red Wheel. Our wheel is made for progress, designed to build on momentum, and revolves around a solid center.  

Our company has roots and a history that will never be forgotten. And as we begin to roll forward, our wheel rotates around what is at our brand’s core. Red Wheel is the future complete with a defined vision, an established culture, and immovable values.

Integrity. Passion. Trust. Action. Accountability. That’s how Red Wheel rolls.

From exciting campaigns and refreshing content to hard data and illuminating analytics, the force behind Red Wheel's forward momentum is a balance between information and inspiration, creativity and data. 

We are Red Wheel Media. It’s a pleasure to meet you.


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